Case Study
How LevelTen Energy Helped a Major Brand Tackle the PPA RFP Process
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The U.S. is one of the most efficient nations when it comes to producing renewable energy.

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Despite this, the vast majority of large U.S. corporations struggle to access the clean energy sources required to meet their long-term sustainability goals.

The traditional PPA procurement process – especially the RFP component – is lengthy and requires months of commitment and manpower. This has led to brands avoiding the challenge all together. Until now.

In this case study you’ll learn the following:

How LevelTen’s comprehensive PPA Marketplace and best-in-class analytics helped one global brand reach its renewable energy goals with less time and expense

How LevelTen enabled a major brand to run an end-to-end RFP process, sourcing offers from more than 100 clean energy suppliers, leading to a short list of project options in days, not weeks

How immediate access to more than 1,300 utility scale projects and real-time analytics lead to a dramatically more efficient procurement process